Here you may add your information on agricultural research to the InfoSys+ platform in order to promote your activities by increasing the visibility on the Internet.

Please NOTE!:

Insert information:
At the start of the process you will be asked to verify whether the information is definitely not yet in the system.

Please use the buttons and links on the web pages to navigate. Avoid using the browser navigation facilities (like the back and forth buttons, page refreshing as well as opening links in additional browser windows).

Update and delete
In order to maintain the quality of data only national nodes of the InfoSys+ network are allowed to update and delete information about organizations, projects, funding opportunities, news and events. Information on experts is managed by the experts themselves.

Hierarchy - Link child organisations to parent organisations

Hierarchy-example for organisations
Child organisations (e.g. faculty, divisions, departments, institutes,… ) can be linked to their parent organisations (e.g. University, Ministry, Headquarters of an organisation,…). For example the Institute of Soil Science is linked to the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Agriculture is linked to the University. You will be guided to link a dataset to it's "parent".

Contact us:
For further enquiries please contact your nation node or our team at ZADI.