The European Information System on Agricultural Research for Development (EARD-InfoSys+) -

Mission of EARD-InfoSys+

Mission EARD-InfoSys+ aims at improving the access to European web resources in the areas of agriculture, environment, forestry, fisheries, socio-economics, rural-transformation and many others, devoted towards development. It also aims at creating an information and communication platform, as service for a multitude of institutions and parties all over Europe involved in scientific development cooperation.
Background EARD-InfoSys+ was initiated by the European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD) which serves as a mechanism that enables better coherence between relevant policies in ARD within the European Member States (incl. Norway, Switzerland).
Governance EARD-InfoSys+ is supported by a Steering Committee including the EIARD secretary (chair), National Nodes, CTA and the NARS secretary in Rome. The system is driven by a network of National Nodes from the EIARD Member Countries.
Comments or suggestions, please send to the EARD-InfoSys+ Co-ordination Unit (EARD-InfoSys+ CU):
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