The European Information System on Agricultural Research for Development (EARD-InfoSys+) -

How to use InfoSys+-website

InfoSys+-website is collecting metadata on organisations, projects, funding opportunities, experts, news and events in ARD.

Please find information on the following topics:

What is special about InfoSys+?

  1. The system is based on a relational database. This means data on organisations, projects, funding opportunities, experts and events ( the main items ) are linked in a way that the relations between these items can be defined and displayed. Each datasheet not only contains basic information, a short description and a URL where further information can be found but also links to related items in the database. This enables users to browse through the database and choose their path to explore the African ARD landscape.

  2. These main items ( organisations, projects, experts, events, news and funding opportunities ) are also categorized - where applicable - to ARD-themes, activities, geofocus and other attributes. This permits overviews according to the individual interest of each user. For example: How many organisations in Belgium are specialised on training, or how many ARD-projects are carried out in Ghana. These mappings are giving essential information for the future planning of ARD activities.

  3. The system is based on collaborative editing, this means every stakeholder in ARD is welcome to insert information on organisations, projects, funding opportunities, news and events. ARD experts are invited to inscribe in the expert section. The more people actively support the system the better it gets.

  4. InfoSys+ is part of EARD-InfoSys+, the Information System on European Agricultural reserach for development. Both systems are closely linked with each other and are based on one single database.
    This means:
    1. Data of InfoSys+ will also be displayed in area- or country predefined InfoSys+ websites.
    2. If African organisations, projects, experts or funding opportunities are related to international organisations, projects, experts or funding opportunities, you will be able to follow these links and access datasets of the European system.


Search options

For a convenient and fast access to information InfoSys+ offers various different search options.

  1. Freetext search
    The freetext search permits a fast access to the database. You can search for example an organisation, a city or a name. Please note: you have to enter complete words, acronyms with less than 4 letters cannot be searched.

  2. Thematic search
    This search permits a combined search on categories for all items in the database. The search can optionally be constrained by selecting an item form the list of ard-themes, countries, geofocuses, geographical areas, commodities and / or ecosystems. All selected items are combined for the search. When searching for plant production in Botswana you will get no data on plant production in South Africa Republic.

  3. Country / organisation / project / expert / event / news search
    These search options are always giving a quantitative mapping of the data, sorted by relevant categories first. With a click on the mapping-links you can focus the mapping according to your interest and immerse into the database. A typical search process for these queries is:
    Quantitative mapping » list of results » single datasheet
    When you have selected one single datasheet you can jump from one related item to another and decide which path you take to further explore the European ARD landscape.
    • Country search
      This search option permits to choose one country and get an overview of all ARD activities in this country.
    • Organisation search
      The number of ARD organisations sorted by mandate, status, activity and residence will be displayed.
    • Project search
      The number of projects sorted by ARD theme, activity, geofocus, commodity and ecosystem will be displayed.
    • Funding search
      The number of available funding opportunities will be displayed sorted by the targeted status of organisations, targeted activity, targeted educational level and targeted geofocus.
    • Expert search
      The number of experts will be displayed sorted by ARD theme, activity, geofocus, commodity and ecosystem. Event search The number of news sorted by ARD theme, geofocus and commodity will be displayed.
    • News search
      The number of news sorted by ARD theme and commodity will be displayed.

  4. Advanced Search
    This search option permits targeted searches for all main items (organisations, projects, programmes, experts, news and events). The Advanced search is also searching the data of the European Information System EARD-InfoSys+.